At Willow Bou, we're on a mission to give you basic, everyday essentials for your baby, made with the softest natural fabrics and organic cotton. We believe in ethical, sustainable sourcing, which is why we choose to use organic natural fabrics as much as we can.

Did you know, organic cotton, unlike conventional cotton, can be grown by farmers alongside food to feed the community?

Not only is it natural and safe on your baby's skin, but it also protects farmers, their families and the environment from harmful exposure to pesticides and dangerous chemicals. 

At Willow Bou, we believe we have a social responsibility to lessen our environmental impact. We strive to be plastic free and we have reduced our plastic packaging as much as we currently can, and we are working on making this even better. Our clothing tags are 100% recyclable, and are applied with cotton string. Instead of individual plastic wrapping, we have opted for a soft crepe-like recyclable paper. We hope our online store will become synonymous with both quality and sustainability. 


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